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studio loft co. - a creative space born in lockdown 2020

Updated: May 30, 2022

It didn't happen over night in fact Studio Loft co. was born way back in lockdown 1.0 here is the story...

The concept of Studio Loft came to me during the lockdown of 2020. It is only now that it has eventually begun to materialise. It all started with a candle

The idea of Studio actually came from having spent so much time at home, many an evening was spent in what had become our cosy sanctuary, our home, always with a candle lit. I think at the time, this signified a transition from day to night, during a time when these two often merged into one. At a time when we had no idea what was going to happen, I was thinking ‘what happens if I never get to open the spa again?’ ‘What can I do?’

I had to look at my skill set, what could I offer beyond the realms of the spa. With my degree in Interior Design, I have always had a keen eye for design and the way things look. During the lockdowns, I jumped into helping run design projects within Wyresdale Park and, having had numerous conversations with clients, about the interiors of the spa, they were also intrigued by my own home and lifestyle; some even asked if they could buy the furniture and accessories from the spa to take home with them. Even other salons at this point were approaching me, asking me how I put everything together and if I could offer any help with their own interiors, branding and marketing. I thought, is there an exact formula? The answer is yes, there is!

I wanted to create a brand that encompassed all of that. Phase one, which will be available soon, is a carefully chosen capsule collection of homewares, allowing everyone to enjoy beautiful ‘objet’ in their own home. From blankets and candles to ceramics; all designed to encourage slow and intentional living, some of the pieces from the collection will also be available to buy in store.

Further phases which I am currently working on will include a lifestyle blog (hello - this is my first one), an interior sourcing service (you ask and I will find) and finally (perhaps one of the most exciting elements) an education platform for other salons and spas to utilise to enhance and improve their own businesses.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the nitty gritty of the process that has taken me from then to now with Studio. I began with notes and drawings and then more scribbles and sketches. There was research. research and even more research. Great concepts take time to realise, there are not many things that happen over night if you want them to succeed and be good. I planned and processed all the information; intially developing an extension of my current spa website (now Studio will has its very own dedicated website) to start to showcase the ideas and concept.

I knew my first product had to be a candle - so I set to on creating a scent I loved along with selecting a simple vessel and designing a minimalist label. Since; I have added 4 more scents to the collection. All now available online and in store.

It was Christmas 2021 at this point and with the spa back in full swing and weddings back up and running (I do most of the hair and makeup from the spa @loftbeautyco) I was back to being pushed for time and perhaps even more prevalent mental capacity. I rested the Studio concept there with the page on the existing loft beauty website and the candle sales ticking along nicely online and in store.

2022, and with a fresh new start I began the task of creating and designing once again. Studio Loft became the creative space I needed. I set up a dedicated Instagram handle @studio_loft_co and began creating content for this. I love it. I find with our @loftbeautyco instagram page there is always so much to cover, from hair, makeup, spa treatments, skincare and products, adding more to the list would just get confusing to the viewer. Studio instagram became a creative space for my personal lifestyle, travel, home and of course products (as well as the candles) that you could invest in for your own home.

TODAY... I have recently had the pleasure and privilege to be asked to do a feature in the Spring edition of the Bloom and Folk magazine covering both the spa and the Studio brands. This edition is out now and not only includes my story but the story of many other creative people. It is the perfect read; the magazine sits somewhere between magazine and book and settling down in a comfy spot with the magazine and a cuppa (coffee, white, no sugar for me) is my idea of heaven.

My next blog will be about the launch of our first collection (the first of 4 drops that will happen this year) - I will be offering styling tips for your home using things from the new collection and of course how I use them in my own home!! Stay tuned... and make sure you subscribe via the website to be the first to know when the next notebook entry is LIVE. Follow us on socials too (it is a bit more organic on there and you can see what I get up to day to day)

much love, Jen x

All the photos in this blog are captured beautifully by the wonderful Lauren, founder of Bloom and Folk

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