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From Spa to Studio (a bricks + mortar shop)

Studio Loft facade

Well, that escalated quickly.

OK! So it wasn't exactly in the master plan to open an 'actual' shop this year. Perhaps I may have seen it in the future of Studio Loft but I certainly did not forecast the shop opening in May of 2022.

As you may have read in the last article the studio brand was born to have only an online presence. But when an opportunity arises you really just have to take the risk and go for it. Especially when said risk, is right next door.

Our Loft Spa is located within the grounds of the very beautiful Wyresdale Park, a historic country estate in the North of England, a stones throw from the Lake District and a hop, skip and jump from the Forest of Bowland (both areas of outstanding natural beauty).

Our spa has been open for 3 years now and with the ever growing and developing estate a small (but perfectly formed) "unit" became available. I had first dibs and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. At first the anxiety hit - HARD. I had literally just finished the online shop ready to begin selling my homewares online and before that had even launched I was expanding into a physical shop! But now it is up running and wonderful people have been through the door. All (most) of that initial worry has gone.

We opened the shop at Wyresdale Park on the 28th May 2022 and plan to open along with the other retailers Thursday to Sunday each week.


If you know where our spa is you will have spotted a little shop opposite that is our new Studio home. If you haven't managed to get up to us before we are within the grounds of Wyresdale right behind the Applestore cafe on a little cobbled street called Sheep Street. We are small but perfectly formed. With homewares and gifts packed up to the rafters. I wonderful array of cushions, lamps, candles, ceramics, vases, faux flora and more. We can also help you to select perfect gifts for loved ones or give you advise on ideas for your own home styling. There is even a collection of cards to make life a little easier when it comes to gift giving (we can even pop your buys in one of our gift bags with tissue paper and ribbon!)


YES! You sure can. We will update the online shop weekly with new goodies. But because of the speed of which new products arrive sometimes our band of merry elves can't work fast enough to get them all on the online shop; so there will always be a bigger array of treasures in our bricks and mortar store. But if you see something on our socials you like the look of - fear not! You can still message us about it and we can reserve (giving you chance to get to the shop before it sells) or we can arrange to deliver your studio loft items directly to your door as if by magic!


Well, I think we need to just calm down! haha. But in all seriousness, I do just need to take a breathe, to enjoy what we have developed and built. We are currently selling our first collection (our S/S stock) we are currently buying for Autumn/ Winter and then of course the Christmas buying will soon be underway. Which is a very exciting prospect. There is a teeny plan to take on some more retail space ready for Christmas sales but let's just watch this space for now.

What has happened to the lovely shop in the spa?

Don't worry this hasn't vanished off the face of the earth. We have just had a little rejig. All for the best though and to allow more focus on skin and hair care in the spa shop. All the home and gifts that were once found in the spa will now be discovered across the way in the Studio Shop.

This move allows us to really focus on our spa clients giving us more room to show and demostrate our Caudalie advanced skincare products and wonderful R&Co hair care solutions. We have even moved the reception desk to front and centre making room for a little coffee table so we can take our time and sit back whilst we discuss skincare plans. Even if you haven't got an appointment at the spa you are always welcome to pop in and we are always on hand to offer skincare and hair care advise. It just feels really special that we now have a dedicated space to do this in.

AND there you have it we are all up to date! To recap.

  • I was about to launch an online shop selling home and gifts.

  • an opportunity arose to open a small yet perfectly formed shop right next door to our spa.

  • the anxiety hit!

  • ...anxiety mentioned above didn't seem to stop me...

  • I proceeded to open a Studio Loft bricks and mortar store at Wyresdale Park

  • absolutely zero regrets. it is beautiful.

  • Of course we will still offer our wares in our online store and keep you all updated on the social channels (mainly instagram, is it just me who just taps the auto share to Facebook, but never actually checks to see if it makes it there?)

Oh! and one last thing. My new logo... which was born when the shop was announced. It is hand illustrated by my very special dad and of course depicts our lovely little shop on the beautiful cobbles of Wyresdale. You will see it on everything because I love it so much.

I and all the team at Loft look forward to welcoming you to both our studio shop and spa here are some quick links below to find out more and to shop online if you are sadly further afield.

Jen :)

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